Latest Articles

  • UAV market continues to soar
    The demand for military UAVs continues to see sustained growth, despite cut-backs in defence budgets. It is clear that these unmanned aircraft are regarded as hugely important by the military, as force multipliers and invaluable in terms of ISR applications. GMC looks at the latest in UAV technology and the future market.
  • SDR and cognitive radios
    The armed forces are constantly looking for ways in which they can communicate in a smarter way. The lack of available spectrum has been a constant headache for the military but the development of intelligent radios that can actually seek out empty spectrum to exploit is pushing the envelope further. GMC discovers the benefits of Software Defined Radio and cognitive radio.
  • Powering the military
    Military missions are heavily dependent on communications, yet those communications networks rely utterly on a source of power. Without power, there are no communications. The military operations of today are more dependent on power than ever but the sheer amount spent by defence departments on energy is increasingly being scrutinised. It’s not just energy for communications, it’s for vehicles, weapons systems – every system that you can possibly imagine.
  • Focus on PEO C3T
    The United States Army’s Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications Tactical (C3T) performs a critical role in the modernization of the US Army’s communications infrastructure and is also a critical enabler for an agile, expeditionary Force 2025 where innovation will pave the way for a fighting force that will have information superiority no matter where in the world they are deployed. The US Army is taking its information network to the next level.
  • Full of ambition
    Rostec Corporation is a Russian state corporation dedicated to the ‘furtherance of state policy for industrial development and modernization’. The Corporation is highly focused on becoming a leader in high technology for the military and industrial sectors through partnerships and investments. GMC spoke to Rostec to find out more about the corporation’s operation, ambition and activities.
  • Homeland security market
    Globally, the homeland security market, like the military, is undergoing changes in the way it uses technology. We live in a very different world to even just ten years ago, with a remarkable range of different threats, some that have emerged because of our dependence upon technology and communications networks and some that we literally have no control over. Every country needs to protect its borders, its coastline and must monitor who comes in and who leaves.