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  • Q&A SpaceX
    GMC was lucky enough to catch up with Gwynne Shotwell, President and COO of SpaceX to find out more about the company, the vision behind it and its ambitions.
  • The incredible journey of SpaceX
    In 2002, SpaceX burst onto the launch scene making incredible promises that included bringing the price of satellite launches down and to revolutionize space technology – and they are proving it. With several impressively successful missions under its belt, this company looks like it will be a force to be reckoned with. GMC looks more closely at SpaceX and how it could shake up the launch industry and turn government customers’ heads.
  • The new and safe technology force multiplier
    The concept of the drone is not a new one. Even Leonardo Da Vinci was familiar with the concept of looking at the battlefield from above. Today, drones are sophisticated and crucial aircraft, playing a key role in ISR and combat missions. Richard T. Kusiolek takes a closer look at the military drone.
  • RQ-170 Sentinel by Lockheed Martin
    Also known as the ‘Beast of Kandahar’, the RQ-170 Sentinel unmanned aerial vehicle is a tailless, stealth unmanned aircraft. The majority of information about the RQ-170 is not officially disclosed. The US Air Force operates the UAV on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency out of the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada where the 30th Reconnaissance Squadron is based.
  • The asymmetric warfare
    Asymmetric warfare is a phrase that we, unfortunately, are becoming much more familiar with. This sinister, often hidden threat can lie low literally anywhere, and then be used to devastating effect when we are caught unawares. Unpredictable and hard to detect, GMC looks more closely at asymmetric warfare.