Mike Teri, Market Manager Defense, HUBER+SUHNER

In an era where electronic warfare continues to grow, military groups must be able to access technology superior to their adversaries in order to maintain effective homeland security. Mission critical C5ISR equipment must remain secure and operational so that communication systems remain open so that our military forces can properly protect home interests.

Laurence Russell, News and Social Media Editor, Global Military Communications

SES, a leader in global content connectivity solutions, operates the world’s only multi-orbit constellation of satellites that uniquely combines global coverage and high performance. SES leverages its vast and intelligent, cloud-enabled network to deliver high-quality connectivity solutions anywhere on land, at sea or in the air, as the company services a wide ecosystem of customers, including organisations in the telecommunications industry, cloud service providers, broadcasters and video platform operators, as well as governments. Today, the company is delivering connectivity to defence, security, humanitarian, civilian government organisations worldwide. Nicole Robinson, Senior Vice President of Global Government for SES, outlines the demand on this arena and how she anticipates its evolution.

Laurence Russell, News and Social Media Editor, Global Military Communications

With pressure from international climate partnerships increasing and worldwide national disasters growing ever more serious, the role of assuring national stability increasingly falls upon our armed forces. In early 2019, a seminal report was released from the Pentagon illustrating the dire vulnerability the US military faces from climate change, and the urgent need to adapt. At this critical time, the Department of Defence’s sustainability overhaul has the potential to lead the way for other militaries to follow suit.

Michael J. Van Rassen – President, Military & Government Markets, Rajant Corporation

Wearable technology is due to take the world by storm inthe coming years, with the military in particular, standing, to benefit a great deal. Connecting man to machine is one of the major challenges with next generation wearable technology, and one that Rajant is working on incooperation with the US military.

Amy Saunders, Editor, Global Military Communications

The battlefield has become increasingly mobile and sophisticated over the last 100 years, necessitating increasingly mobile and sophisticated communications solutions. Satellite continues to play a key role, with advanced, mobile terminals enabling reliable, secure and assured communications.

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