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UAV Technology

SMi Group is delighted to announce the 6th annual UAV Technology conference, taking place on the 27th and 28th September 2021.

Unmanned aerial systems have become one of the most researched and pursued military technologies from the past decade and the market for drones and UAVs has grown exponentially. Their capabilities have advanced with the shifting of operational requirements, whether it be with ISR assets for long range reconnaissance missions, soldier-born battlefield awareness mini UAS or for remotely piloted combat drones for precision strikes. Demand for these indispensable capabilities has led to further development and the advancement of their technical abilities.

UAVs are paving the way for the future of aerial warfare and this year's conference is where you can witness it all happen. UAV Technology 2021 is the leading international forum dedicated towards the development of unmanned aerial systems, allowing for essential dialogue between military, industry and academia.

The conference will include presentations ranging from multi-national UAV development programmes, certification and regulation, Counter UAS/UAV technology, Stealth technology, the latest in drone R&D and future force design using these hi-tech military assets. We at SMi, look forward to welcoming the global UAV community to this leading conference to maintain dialogue, share ground-breaking ideas and furthering the concept of modern warfare.



Military Flight Training

As new threats create more challenging and dangerous air operations, and NATO-aligned militaries see increasingly higher operational tempos, flight training and preparation must respond to these developments to prepare pilots for dynamic operational environments.

Building on the success of last year's event, SMi Group are pleased to announce the return of Military Flight Training, taking place in London this October, for its 9th year running.

• GAIN a holistic look at current developments in flight training across fast-jet, rotary-wing, fixed-wing
• DELVE into the latest topics and trends shaping the future of synthetic training, retention and training,
gaming technology and more
• HEAR the latest updates from leading OEMs delivering the latest flight training platforms and
• NEW SPEAKERS from the UK MoD, US, and multinational training schools

There have been a number of recent investments from NATO-allied countries in flight training systems and platforms and for this reason, the two-day event represents a unique opportunity for operational users and industry to meet and exchange new ideas and share best practices on how to ensure that the pilots of the future are ready to fight and win.




SMi Group is delighted to announce that the 4th annual Defence Safety conference will convene in London on the 4th and 5th October 2021. This event is supported by the UK MoD Defence Safety Authority.

For 2021 the principle focus areas will be; Simplifying Safety, the certification and safety assurance of autonomous vehicles and cyber security. Last year we began looking at how Simplifying Safety would lead to better adoption and execution of safety across core Defence assets, this year we will extend that to look at how new platforms and systems could benefit from leaner but equally comprehensive safety strategies. The rise of robotic and autonomous systems in the land environment requires new training and certification processes. At the Defence Safety Conference 2021 we will look at how the UK and international Defence forces are adopting safety standards for this important military growth area. The security of safety relating to cyber risk management will also be a focal point. As military networks continue to deliver operational superiority, ensuring platforms, systems and downstream supply chain remain secure must be an area of safety investment.Last year's conference hosted over 280 attendees from 18 nations and contributions ranged from the Vice Chief of Defence Staff to Chief Executives of Industry, as well as international operational leaders and military safety experts.

The 2021 Defence Safety Conference will feature briefings from across the air, land and maritime domains, as well as from defence leaders from industry and policy makers.

As the only event dedicated to defence safety, this conference is the global meeting point for the military community.



Global MilSatCom Conference & Exhibition

SMi Group are proud to announce that the 23rd Annual Global MilSatCom Conference and Exhibition will return to London on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th November 2021, alongside a Disruptive Technology Focus Day on the 1st November 2021.

As Europe’s leading military communications event for satellite professionals, Global MilSatCom provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet with senior decision makers from defence agencies, militaries, governments and industry from across the globe, providing fantastic interactive opportunities through conference sessions, networking receptions and an exhibition hall.

With briefings from senior officials from the world’s leading militaries and solution providers, discussions on key issues such as international SATCOM architectural convergence and flexibility of ground terminals, attendance from many significant MILSATCOM programmes, dedicated exhibition halls, and a whole day on disruptive technology in space, Global MilSatCom will shape the way ahead and provide an unrivalled opportunity for collaboration and partnership.

Day one will begin with an exclusive joint presentation from the UK MOD’s Commander Space Command and Director Space and will continue with updates on the UK’s SKYNET programme. In the afternoon, the forum will turn to updates and briefings from key European allies and industry-leading solutions providers.

Day two will be centred on innovation and change within the US SATCOM enterprise. A strong focus will be on the Integrated SATCOM Enterprise vision, and there will be sessions dedicated to the ground segment, deployed SATCOM, and innovation in the DOD.

Finally, day three will centre around key international partner updates which will provide further opportunities for partnerships and collaboration between allied nations.