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Global Military Communications Magazine December2022

December 2022

Cover story: Optimizing secure multi-transport networks for the military and the DoD

  • Q&A Cvete Koneska, Head of Advisory, Dragonfly 

  • Sharpening eyes, ears, and teeth in a dangerous subsea environment

  • Why improving communications within the Royal Navy needs a digital approach

  • Q&A J.J. Shaw, Vice President of Information, Security and Operations for Telesat Government 

  • UAVs in defense: as usage grows, the spotlights fall on maintenance and sustainment

Global Military Communications Magazine June 2022

June 2022

Cover Story: Q&A Daniel Gizinski, President, Comtech Satellite Network Technologies

  • The future of battlespace C4ISR

  • Q&A Dave Davis, Global Government Technical Director, ST Engineering iDirect  

  • The missing digital thread that will redefine military equipment support

  • Q&A Brian Billman, Chief Marketing Officer, Isotropic Systems

  • Prime sustainability


November/December 2021

Cover Story: Challenges in US border security

  • How the US Intelligence Community is driving new security protocols in satcom

  • Q&A Alexander Mueller-Gastell, CEO of ND SATCOM      

  • Keeping military satellite communications secure

  • Q&A Phil Mar, CTO for Government Systems at Viasat

  • Nelson Santini, CEO, Minerva Space Technologies

  • Are we doing enough to prevent space debris?

Global Military Communications Magazine

May/June 2021

Cover Story: Automation and AI

  • Cybersecurity in the defence space

  • Managing government data

  • Innovative situational awareness

  • One quantum leap forward

  • Bringing test and evaluation into the digital future

Global Military Communications Magazine

November/December 2020

Cover Story: Space Debris

  • 2020: A great year for amplifiers

  • Q&A Eric Lind, Vice President of  Commercial Operations and Business Development at Ultralife Corporation

  • Satcom’s role in emergency response and military communications   

  • Ground infrastructure: Increasing demand adds pressure 

  • Q&A Martin Frederiksen, Managing Director of Military Embedded Computing, Recab UK 

  • A practical guide for achieving FIPSCertifiable 
    DICE Attestation

Global Military Communications Magazine

May/June 2020

Cover Story: Artificial Intelligence

  • Transforming defence: How could AI protect military personnel?

  • Q&A Alexander Mueller-Gastell, CEO of ND SATCOM

  • Unleashing electricity in the battlefield: The start of a new era for logistics operations

  • Q&A Karl Fuchs, Vice President of Technology, iDirect Government

  • The evolution of personal radios: Modernising the backbone of strategic communication

  • Wearable technology

  • Hosted payloads: On the road to failure?

Global Military Communications Magazine

December 2019

Cover Story: Mission Critical Tech

  • Satellite communications for national security: Don’t fight the white!

  • Q&A Andrew Thomis, CEO, Cohort Group

  • Mission critical tech in the modern military

  • Space commands

  • Q&A Ayala Pinhasi, Head of Marketing and Customer Care, Get SAT

  • Q&A Jason Sierra, Sales Director at Seven Technologies Group

Global Military Communications Magazine

June 2019

Cover Story: Cloud-based Connectivity

  • Beyond Blue Force Tracking

  • Q&A Rick Lober, Vice President of Defense and Intelligence Systems Division at Hughes Network Systems

  • Cloud-based connectivity

  • Endpoint security

  • Mobile battlefield

  • The developing UAS market


October 2022

Cover Story: Viasat sees information advantage, driven by superior comms, as a useful deterrent to conflict

  • Q&A Dr. Thomas Paul, VP / Market Manager for Aerospace, and Stefano Biagiotti, VP / Market Manager for Defence, HUBER+SUHNER

  • How multi-layer COMSATCOM services are modernizing military communications

  • Defending space

Global Military Communications Magazine April 2022

April 2022

Cover Story: Staying a step ahead of security and crisis risks

  • Space crash

  • Q&A Carol Craig, CEO, Sidus Space

  • Gaining an operational edge: why satcom leverage lies in a layered approach

  • Beware ‘the new Trojan Horse’: Why cyber hardening is imperative to government defence

  • NGOs fight on the most vital frontlines of our times


September/October 2021

Cover Story: Driving defence procurement

  • Surveillance balloons

  • Q&A Krystal Dredge, Director of Marketing, AvL Technologies

  • Getting the backhaul right for avionics telemetry links

  • SDRs for ground stations

  • Q&A Rick Lober, GM and VP, Hughes Defence and Intelligence Systems Division

  • Keeping comms-on-the-move secure as well as reliable in the commercial sector 

Global Military Communications Magazine

March/April 2021

Cover Story: Artificial Intelligence

  • ‘What’s Your Warrior?’ campaign               

  • How Ka-band has become invaluable to the military

  • Understanding the shortcomings of PACE plans in battlefield communications

  • The Blackjack constellation program gains speed, raising the bar for space domain awareness

  • Lasers: From warning to attack

Global Military Communications Magazine

September/October 2020

Cover Story: Virtual Reality

  • Antennas point to effective man portable communications

  • Q&A Emil Reynolds, Product Line Manager, Government Terminals, Isotropic Systems

  • Russia’s suspected test satellite attack – was it lawful?

  • ERP software is in the midst of the ultimate stress test – how are A&D manufacturers faring?

  • Q&A Neil Fraser, NSSL’s recently appointed Director of Defence and Space Programmes

  • The future of defence is digital

  • Virtualized expertise - How VR is honing peacekeeping skills

Global Military Communications Magazine

March/April 2020

Cover Story: Climate Defence

  • Climate defence – The US must lead the fight against Earth’s only shared foe

  • Q&A Nicole Robinson, Senior Vice President of Global Government for SES

  • Protection of mission critical C5ISR equipment is vital within electronic warfare

  • Q&A Ken Peterman, President of Government Systems at Viasat

  • Mobile satellite terminals

  • How the military and defense sector can harness wearables

  • Q&A Adam Kaplan, CEO and Co-founder of Edgybees

Global Military Communications Magazine

October 2019

Cover Story: Biometrics

  • Biometrics in the military

  • Q&A David Andres, Santander Teleport

  • Future DoD satellite communications will enable mission success for the warfighter

  • Getting to grips with Industry 4.0

  • Q&A Jackson White, Getac

  • Advancing government capabilities with VSAT

  • Creating resilient and survivable US Government satellite networks

Global Military Communications Magazine

April 2019

Cover Story: Security Sector

  • Powering homeland security

  • Serving the subsea market

  • Big tech is transforming the security sector

  • Q&A Skot Butler, President at Intelsat General

  • Q&A Emlyn Taylor, Managing Director of Lockheed Martin UK System Solutions

  • Tactical communications

Global Military Communications Magazine August 2022

August 2022

Cover Story: Space domain awareness: Political and operational challenges

  • Q&A Paul Topping, Business Development Director, Animal Dynamics

  • Q&A John Finney, CEO, ALL.SPACE

  • SKYNET 6 is a litmus test of contemporary defence development and procurement strategy

  • Q&A Chris Stott, Founder and CEO of ManSat and NewSpace startup, Lonestar


February 2022

Cover Story: Preventing human error data leaks

  • How to prevent potentially life threatening human error data leaks

  • Countering UAS technology

  • Q&A Mark Barrett, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder of Blu Wireless

  • Q&A Mark Rushton, Business Development Director of VITEC

  • Simulated training

  • Q&A Cameron Chell, CEO, Draganfly


July/August 2021

Cover Story: Integrated defence review

  • Cognitive radios    

  • Q&A Mark Barrett, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder, Blu Wireless

  • Bolstering US military defense capabilities in areas of observation and space-based defense mechanisms

  • Advancing global military tactical communications

  • Staying connected during ‘dark mode’ operations

  • What the Integrated Review says about the UK space industry

Global Military Communications Magazine

January/February 2021

Cover Story: Q&A IGC

  • Meeting the communications needs of the modern navy

  • Wearables go intimate for multitudinous defensive applications

  • Interference: Is it time for a new resolution

  • Q&A David Eldridge, Sales Director, Chess Dynamics

  • How digitisation within the defence industry has been expedited by coronavirus

  • Earth observation for the military

Global Military Communications Magazine

August 2020

Cover Story: COVID-19

  • Processing data on the frontline

  • Q&A Guy Cherni, CMO and Co-Founder of Atlas Dynamics

  • The new homefront - how military and security providers are defending against COVID-19

  • The biggest threat to your communications? Your own applications

  • Q&A Rob Andzik, President, AMERGINT

  • ISR video: The critical equation

  • The dawn of lasers - the fastest assets imaginable

  • The military as a first responder - even virtually!

Global Military Communications Magazine

January/February 2020

Cover Story: Big Data

  • Air defence missile systems

  • Q&A Getac UK

  • A cyber resilient world

  • Countering unmanned aerial systems

  • Q&A Mark Rushton, Business Development Director, VITEC

  • Tactical communications developments

  • Cognitive radio developments

Global Military Communications Magazine

August/September 2019

Cover Story: Secures Comms

  • Training soldiers in a virtual world

  • Q&A Simon Davies, CEO of Spectra (UK) Ltd

  • Benefits and challenges of delivering higher network resiliency for defense applications via satellite

  • Hosted payloads

  • Ruggedizing the battlefield

  • Q&A Jay Icard, CEO of XTAR

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