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Patria Nemo Container test firings on land completed

The latest member of Patria’s Game Changers of the Battlefield – Patria Nemo Container – showcased for the first time at the IDEX 2017, has completed successfully its first test firings on truck platform.

Patria Nemo Container was undergoing vigorous test firings both on Sisu ETP E13 8x8 off-road truck as well as stand-alone on ground during Patria’s tests in Finland. These tests were mainly concentrated around testing the integration of the Nemo mortar system into a sea container - in other words testing the interface of the turreted mortar systems and the 20” sea container. Also, another important part was testing the interface of the Patria Nemo Container and Sisu ETP E13 8x8 off-road truck. Patria Nemo Container was performing as expected and the ground breaking concept of the 20” sea container with 120 mm turreted mortar system was proving its ingenuity by combining unforeseen flexibility/mobility & firepower. It is able to operate as a stand-alone firing unit, both with direct as well as with indirect fire, thus being ideal for camp protection. More importantly Nemo Container proved it is mobile and agile as its “brothers” integrated directly onto land (Patria Nemo) or naval platforms (Patria Nemo Navy). Patria Nemo Container was functioning perfectly while being on container truck – this time on armoured Sisu ETP13 8x8. Rapid response, accuracy, shoot & scoot, firepower, protection, mobility - all the characteristics of Patria’s “Game Changers of the Battlefield” were accomplished.

Patria Nemo Container opens up - a whole new market segment for Patria’s Game Changers of the Battlefield – the advantages of modern turreted mortar systems combined with unlimited variety of platforms – both on land & sea.

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