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Thales successfully concludes tests demonstrating resilient communications using System 21 modem

In October Thales executed a series of tests with Eutelsat. These tests successfully demonstrated cutting-edge communications using Thales’s System 21 over Eutelsat commercial Ku-band satellites. They illustrated the ability of Thales’s System 21 modem to bring additional resilience, protection and security on communications over Eutelsat satellites for mission-critical military and government users.

Thales is a world leader in the provision of ground technology for secure satellite communications (SATCOM) to armed and security forces. Eutelsat provides global SATCOM solutions utilised extensively by TV channels for broadcasting, by telecom operators and by civil governments and military users around the world. Eutelsat’s extensive worldwide fleet of satellites enables the delivery of robust, resilient and highly flexible communications anywhere. The fleet will be extended soon with the pioneering Eutelsat Quantum satellite.

The conclusive test campaign was performed at Eutelsat’s Paris-Rambouillet teleport. The tests demonstrated excellent performance of the Thales’s System 21 SATCOM high speed ground network solution, featuring special military modes to enhance resilience, discretion and protection against interference utilising commercial Ku-Band resources delivered under widebeam and spotbeam coverage through several Eutelsat satellites.

“On the Move” trials have also been conducted to demonstrate the full compatibility of the System 21 multi service secure waveforms over Eutelsat resources. The full proven compatibility of the System 21 with commercial satellites shows that increased resilience, protection and discretion can also be achieved on non-military satellites.


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