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Elbit Systems to showcase advanced training & simulation solutions at I/ITSEC 2017

Ironvision Helmet-mounted system

Elbit Systems will demonstrate a set of advanced and operational training and simulation solutions at the upcoming I/ITSEC exhibition (booth #2000) , set to take place in Orlando, Florida November 27th till December 1st. Reflecting the company’s “Train as you Fight” concept, the exhibited training solutions enhance operational capabilities and readiness while reducing costs.

The following systems will be presented at the company booth:

Airborne and Land Training and Simulation Centers:

Targo™ and EVA™- Embedded Virtual Avionics (EVA) is a suite designed to shorten the training gap between trainer and modern fighter aircraft. Allowing the trainees to operate advanced systems, such as virtual Radar, Optical sensors and Electronic Warfare systems, as well as virtual Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground weapons, EVA transforms the aircraft into a virtual advanced fighter, while maintaining the hourly training costs of a trainer. The Targo™Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) system enables pilots to plan, rehearse, fly and debrief using their personal helmets. Both EVA and Targo are easily integrated into any aircraft avionics, providing benefits of prior HMD systems, including helmet visor projected imagery and symbology, precision head tracking and cueing. EVA combined with Targo offer a virtually advanced training experience, as they are at the frontline of synthetic training systems. Both systems are operational with the IDF and additional air forces around the world.

The SkyBreakerTM Mission Training Center (MTC) (presented via multimedia presentation) is a networked multi-cockpit, mission oriented training center, that provides realistic simulated battlefield training using all aircraft systems and mission scenarios to enhance all levels of individual pilot and squadron level training. Operational with the Israeli Air Force, SkyBreaker enhances pilot’s readiness while reducing costs and flight hours.

The Land Mission Training Center (presented via multimedia presentation) is a wide area, true-to-life, hierarchical training facility that provides robust tactical and operational training capabilities. The training center offers complete mission rehearsals across varying combat scenarios for the entire regiment, with training tools based on advanced computer generated scenarios, in a fully integrated military setting. Based on precise simulations of various land platforms this training center covers a range of scenarios across the entire operational landscape and combat zones, and includes the most accurate weapons and command and control systems. The training center uses advanced artificial intelligence, as well as scenarios that include thousands of entities created and changed according to operational needs.

Land Live Training:

The Live Combat Training System (LCTS) (presented in mock up and multimedia presentation) is a fully integrated training system which includes laser suites for dismounted infantry and armored vehicles, independent broadband communication and control center capabilities, thereby enabling efficient training in various terrains including urban areas. Scalable for thousands of concurrent trainees, LCTS supports a wide range of simulated weapons, including personal weaponry, guns, hand grenades, anti-tanks missiles, mortars, artillery and mines, as well as chemical events. Drawing on Elbit Systems’ technological edge and extensive experience in developing and operating advanced “Train as you fight” systems, LCTS computes and records positions, weapons’ hit impact and user vulnerabilities to provide the most realistic hit indications and statistics, thus providing a unique training environment and effective debriefing.

ARTIST™ (presented via multimedia presentation) is Elbit Systems’ patented, embedded live and virtual training suite for commander and gunners of combat platforms, forward observers and any other sensor operators. ARTIST combines Live, Embedded and Augmented reality technologies to provide an advanced and effective training system that features terrain analysis, communication, data-link and control, most suited for crew and formation levels (mounted on a main battle tank or an AFV). Operational with several customers, ARTIST enhances training effectiveness, saves ammunition costs, reducing logistic effort of two-sided exercises while increasing the trainees’ safety.

IronVision™ is a groundbreaking Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) system for Armored Fighting Vehicles that provides a 360-degree panoramic visualization of the surrounding. Integrated with critical mission data and enabling crewmen to ‘see-through’ their vehicle's armor in real time, IronVision allows fighting in “Closed Hatches”, while maintaining full situational awareness.

Incorporating a layer of Elbit Systems’ patented ARTIST™ –Augmented Reality Integrated Training System into the IronVision HMD can serve as a 'true-to-life' training system that offers sophisticated, high-fidelity operational scenarios with extreme combat accuracy.

Homeland Security Simulation System (HLS2) (presented via multimedia presentation) provides 3D program training, operational mission rehearsal and security planning for first responders and emergency agencies such as police, rescue and fire fighters, medical care and Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological (NBCR( teams, in complex urban environments. Operational with several customers including the IDF and municipalities in Israel, Elbit Systems’ advanced HLS2 system enables simulation of public and media response and allows real-time drill manipulation, thereby significantly enhancing readiness.

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