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Inzpire’s targeted fidelity simulator receives upgrades ahead of DSEI

The Inzpire Targeted Fidelity Simulator as seen at the Farnborough International Airshow in 2018

Inzpire’s innovative Targeted Fidelity Simulator (TFS) has been upgraded with a number of capabilities which will be on show to the public for the first time at DSEI 2019.

Harnessing years of engineering, simulator and training experience, the TFS has been developed by a number of Inzpire’s ex-military personnel to provide a fully customisable alternative to traditional full motion simulators which are typically costly, necessitate large spaces for installation and do not always deliver the required training need.

This year, the TFS has been upgraded to feature higher fidelity instruments and displays than ever before and for the duration of the DSEI show will be in an EC135 helicopter configuration. The simulator will be operating using Bohemia Interactive Simulations Blue IG and VBS3 software to drive the visual system and generate the tactical training environment.

DSEI will also be an opportunity for the customer to once again experience the Targeted Fidelity Simulator’s electro-optic and infra-red sensor camera replication, enabling training in preparation for the use of cameras both in a military operational environment and for use on search and rescue or police helicopters. Additionally, the cockpit has now been optimised to fully integrate Inzpire’s GECO Mission Support System.

Post-DSEI, the TFS will be further upgraded with the addition of a rear cabin area which will include a crew-served weapon and winch operator training capability. The rear cabin area will utilise virtual reality headsets to provide the crew with full 360 degree views around the helicopter. This whole crew helicopter demonstrator capability will be available to customers from the end of October 2019. Additionally, the TFS will soon be integrated with Pitch Technologies Pitch Talk software, which will introduce a networked communications capability.

Steven Pook, Inzpire’s Targeted Fidelity Simulator programme manager, said of the developments: “Our aim at Inzpire is to create a revolution in simulation training and we have continued to develop our targeted fidelity simulator to ensure it remains at the leading edge of mission training. Inzpire’s collective training and operational experience in live and simulated environments helps us to design and deliver the very best simulator training systems for our customers and the TFS device we have brought to DSEI fully demonstrates Inzpire’s intent to live up to our aim”.