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L3Harris Technologies to showcase Falcon® IV Family of tactical radios at Defense Security Equipment

L3Harris Technologies to showcase Falcon® IV Family of tactical radios at Defense Security Equipment International Show

L3Harris Technologies will showcase members of its Falcon IV® family of radios – which offer users an integrated view of the battlefield in a single, multichannel platform – at the Defense Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2019 tradeshow in London September 10-13.

The Falcon IV® family of radios delivers the convergence of next-generation capabilities including HD full-motion video, situational awareness, voice, multi-channel crossbanding and enemy RF sensing and awareness in a single, integrated, power-efficient platform.

Capabilities of the Falcon IV® platforms include:

  • Multiband/multi-mission: enables users to match the right frequency band that is most appropriate for the mission.

  • Library of waveforms: enables full primary, alternate, contingency and emergency communications allowing users to complete their mission in congested and denied RF environments.

  • Multi-channel: ability to access numerous channels eliminates the need to carry multiple radios.

  • Extended wideband: increased throughput for high-definition, full-motion video in an easy-to-deploy network mode.

  • Software defined encryption: L3Harris’ Sierra II and Denali® security architectures provide high-data-rate encryption with the ability to modernize with a simple software update that requires no hardware replacement.

  • Crossbanding: controlled management of information (voice, data, images) and access from disparate groups, providing simplified command of complex or joint operations.

  • Mission modules: standard interfaces enable seamless extension of the platform’s capabilities.

“The Falcon IV® family demonstrates L3Harris’ commitment to advancing tactical communications to give our warfighters the next-generation capabilities and situational awareness they need on today’s multi-domain battlefield,” said Dana Mehnert, President, L3Harris Communication Systems. “L3Harris’ Falcon family ensures the warfighter has the security, interoperability and resilient networking capabilities needed to maneuver, fight, and win on the contested and congested battlefield.”