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Lockheed Martin launches its GBAD family of systems

Lockheed Martin launches its GBAD family of systems

Lockheed Martin has unveiled its Ground-based Air Defence (GBAD) Family of Systems at DSEi – an integrated GBAD capability as the complete air defense solution for current and emerging threats.

Traditionally GBAD systems have been developed to safeguard against specific parts of the threat spectrum; Counter, Rocket Artillery and Mortar, Short-Range Air Defence, Medium Range Air Defence and Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems. But the next-generation Lockheed Martin ‘Family of Systems’ has all threats covered and is interoperable with allied nations.

The tailored and flexible system can integrate a range of radars, sensors and effectors, with the Lockheed Martin UK designed and developed SkyKeeper BMC4i system at the heart of the solution – SkyKeeper acts as the brains of the system and with its open architecture it offers true interoperability.

Howard Bromberg, Lockheed Martin’s Vice President, Strategy and Business Development said: “This is a really exciting evolution of our SkyKeeper system. Our GBAD Family of Systems will offer customers a tailored, single GBAD capability which will cover all threat spectrums.

“The battlespace landscape is changing. In today's environment we are faced with multiple threat types being delivered simultaneously and asymmetrically. Modern warfare requires flexibility, responsiveness and agility to take full advantage of all capability to defeat future threats”.