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Norwegian Armed Forces selects THURBON® as its EW data management system

Norwegian Armed Forces selects THURBON® as its EW data management system

The Norwegian Defence Material Agency has selected THURBON, an operationally proven Electronic Warfare (EW) data management system developed by MASS, an independent technology company, to provide the foundation of its EW data management system.

THURBON will provide enhanced capability and will support the Norwegian Armed Forces in achieving effective control and autonomy over data, and contribute to the efficient use of resources in the preparation of mission data for EW equipment.

The system will also allow fragmented information, which exists between the multiple databases that support each equipment purchase, to be brought together, enabling the Norwegian Armed Forces to benefit from enhanced management of its operational data to support its forces around the world.

Chris Stanley, Managing Director of MASS, said: “MASS has provided independent and agnostic EW operational support for thirty years, helping nations to increase their capabilities and enhance their effectiveness through the exploitation of their own data.

“THURBON will provide the Norwegian Armed Forces with the capability to specify, produce, validate and disseminate accurate, timely and relevant data. We’re pleased to be supporting the Norwegian Armed Forces Commander in providing a solution to make sense of the congested and contested operational environment to increase the situational awareness of the Norwegian forces.”

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