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New podcast series - This is Artificial Intelligence by Thales

In this brand-new podcast mini-series, learn about Thales' approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) that keeps humans in the decision-making loop and how AI affects the world around us.

In critical environments where there is no margin for error, such as transportation, defence or security, AI-based solutions can't be the same as those developed for the general public. This is why Thales has adapted AI to the constraints of the environments in which its customers operate, where critical operations require safety, responsibility and compliance with standards, laws and ethical principles. Our approach to AI is known as Thales TrUE AI: Transparent, Understandable and Ethical artificial intelligence.

At Thales, AI is being created for decisive moments. Find and listen to the first 3 episodes of our Series on our website: https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/thales-podcasts

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