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Alltec Composite Materials is specialized in the production of flight control rods using carbon fibe

Alltec Composite Materials, brazilian company, produces flight control rods using high resistance carbon fiber, which allows more complex components to be produced. The employed technology guarantees rods having reduced weight, which allows manufacturers to improve aircraft performance and reduce assembly costs. The technology of carbon control rods was achieved after extensive in-house engineering and processes research, for use in military and civil aircraft control systems such as ailerons, stabilizers, etc. "With our technological expertise, we have created reliable flight control mechanisms using carbon rods, which has resulted in high performance solutions that can be produced on a large scale", says the diretor, Lafaiete Mota. The control rods are important elements to guarantee structural integrity and flight safety in any kind of aircraft control system. They are considered "Class 1" components according to aeronautical certification criteria. All parts produced by Alltec are submitted to inspection and quality controls. Besides this, the company has a complete traceability system in line with international airworthiness and safety standards.

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