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Future NEST offers SEA graduates new opportunities in maritime defence

Future NEST offers SEA graduates new opportunities in maritime defence

Two graduates from UK defence and security electronics system expert, SEA, have benefitted from the Future NEST programme which is part of the United Kingdom Naval Engineering Science & Technology (UKNEST). As part of the programme, Pratik Joshi and Aly Stroud will be attending an event aboard HMS Prince of Wales on 2nd March in Liverpool, which takes a look ahead at future naval capability requirements, and the resources needed to deliver them.

Future NEST brings together the best young engineers from the naval defence industry to promote the engineering, science and technology interests of the sector, inspiring young engineers to tackle the engineering challenges of the future.

Making valuable connections

The programme enables young engineers to participate in a series of events which allows them to gain unique insights into the industry and their future careers. Additionally, Future NEST helps young professionals gain valuable connections from throughout the naval defence sector, to share ideas and best practice for the benefit of UK naval defence and their own professional development.

Aly Stroud, Java Developer at SEA and Future Nest participant, said: “Connecting with so many young engineers has been great for me personally as I’ve been able to network with likeminded individuals and share ideas on some of the most important issues facing our sector.”

New perspectives

Future NEST also offers those entering the industry with a new perspective, with events providing a unique visibility of the supply chain and exposure to different elements of the sector which they would otherwise not have, like large scale international projects. Added to this, the programme also gives its participants the chance to discuss future challenges that the industry will face to prepare them for their careers.

Pratik Joshi, Systems Engineer at SEA and Future NEST participant, said: “Being involved in the programme gives us visibility of large-scale projects and encourages us to think about the big questions affecting the naval defence industry. It has provided me with opportunities that I would have never otherwise had, which has supported my development and will also help young engineers to have an impact on the industry in the future”

Alongside UKNEST, Future NEST gives young engineers access to events that they wouldn’t typically be involved in. At SEA, graduates are encouraged to present their work at key exhibitions including DSEI, while joining sessions at conferences such as Maritime Missions Systems. Future NEST’s young engineers also gain exposure at UKNEST events, including the exclusive HMS Prince of Wales event on Monday 2nd March. Here, Future NEST will present to military dignitaries and defence industry innovators on its activities while participants will take part in Q&A sessions.

Benefitting business and industry

The programme also offers benefits for companies that sponsor their employee into Future NEST. For SEA, it allows the company to connect with talented graduates who are committed to the naval and defence sectors. Peter Hodgkinson, Business Development Director at SEA, added: “Our graduates involved in Future NEST take part in activities and discussions that get right to the heart of the matters affecting UK naval defence. To have that access to fresh ideas brings new and exciting perspectives to our business and the industry as a whole.

“Engaging with UKNEST and Future NEST is part of SEA’s broader commitment to developing STEM skills in our own company and within the industries we operate, improving our ability to understand, adapt to and solve emerging naval defence challenges.”

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