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Rebrand for world-leading defence technology manufacturer 7Technologies

Rebrand for world-leading defence technology manufacturer 7Technologies

Seven Technologies Group has rebranded to 7Technologies as part of its strategy to continue to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s defence requirements, through the bespoke application of cutting-edge technology.

Looking back on its 40-year heritage of operational experience and purpose-built products, 7Technologies has decided to evolve its brand in line with its new purpose, mission and vision that will take the business into the next generation of ISTAR products, whilst maintaining its heritage and reputation.

The refreshed logo embodies the company’s shift from yesterday’s analogue landscape to a much more digital and virtual world, while the number ‘7’ remains the heart of its identity, representing 7Technologies’ heritage and longstanding relationships in the sector.

A world leader in technical surveillance solutions for the defence sector, the company will now focus primarily on developing and delivering pioneering new technology for the battlefield, as the need for sensor fusion and machine teaming is most evident in this area.

7Technologies’ rebrand coincides with the manifestation of digital transformation in the defence sector, as countries are showing increased interest in ethical use of artificial intelligence and digital technologies on the battlefield.

Mike Howarth, CEO at 7Technologies, said: “7Technologies has been a pioneer in technical surveillance solutions since the company’s inception. At this time of rapid change and fast evolving technological requirements, we’re committed to leading and supporting the industry into an era of game-changing new solutions using applied technologies.

“Renewing our commitment to our customers, our purpose and to the sector will enable us to ensure our solutions are designed and delivered as indisputably capable and bespoke to the needs of our customers and partners.”

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