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Droneshield announces US Law Enforcement Initial Order for two UAS detection sensors

DroneShield Ltd (ASX:DRO) is pleased to announce it has received an initial order from a high profile US law enforcement agency.

DroneShield’s DroneSentry™ system

The order comprises of a mobile system of two passive/non-emitting UAS detection sensors, deployed in a mobile configuration, enabling rapid system setup, for detection and tracking of nefarious UAS. The order is expected to lead to follow up orders with this and other US law enforcement agencies. The payment for the order is expected to be in the current 2Q21 quarter.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, commented, “We are pleased to continue expanding the breadth of our US customer base, now reaching into law enforcement. It is a large and important market, and this initial deployment will serve as a reference case for expected follow-on sales.”