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Durabook signs partnership agreement with Akhter Computers to extend reach into UK Defence Sector

Durabook, the global rugged mobile solutions manufacturer, today announces a distribution agreement with Akhter Computers, provider of customised computer solutions. The partnership will see Akhter selling Durabook-based solutions primarily into defence, government, public security and blue light organisations across the UK. As a prime partner for MoD organisations, Akhter is well placed to deliver innovative, customised solutions depending on need and environment.

Durabook Z14I Laptop

Durabook continues to grow its customer base in the government and public security sectors around the world, including police and air forces, and military. The partnership with Akhter aims to extend this success in the UK, as defence and public security organisations look to innovate, and adopt the latest technologies even while budgets are squeezed. In return, Durabook offers greater margins, unmatched customisation and support for its distribution and reseller partners.

Alan Laffoley, CEO & Technical Director at Akhter comments; “Akhter has served the Ministry of Defence clients since 1985 and so understands the pressures of sourcing to the 'best-value' and 'price-performance' stipulations of government procurement guidelines. Durabook’s extensive customisation options and capabilities enables us to create more compelling solutions tailored to the varied needs of defence organisations and deliver them in a timely way.”

Durabook’s devices have been designed specifically to meet the challenging needs different environments. For example the Z14I is perfect for military, critical national infrastructure and public safety personnel, by offering unmatched durability and offers an unprecedented range of built-in features that allow the laptop’s use to be expanded on the fly.

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