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Elma Electronic nabs five awards in Military & Aerospace Electronics Technology Innovator Awards

For the fourth consecutive year, Elma Electronic Inc. has won multiple distinctions in Military & Aerospace Electronics’ annual Technology Innovator Awards competition. According to the publication, the program aims to “recognize companies offering substantial military, aerospace, and avionics design solutions.”

With two gold awards and three silver, Elma remains at the forefront of improving the embedded ecosystem with product developments that incorporate the latest technologies and help solve the problems associated with today’s high density, SWaP-optimized, high performance computing platforms.

Shan Morgan, president of Elma Electronic Inc., noted, “We’re continually looking for new ways to help our customers manage the challenges they face every day, from thermal and data management to better processing speeds and testing capabilities. Being recognized for these efforts is an honor, and something we, as a company, take pride in celebrating.”

Gold winners include the new RP24 1,000-Watt power system, which provides reliable charging in remote locations by incorporating reinforced insulation that conforms to IEC Class II requirements, as well as the Nvidia Jetson-based JetSys 5320, a true rugged supercomputer that accommodates connection of up to five cameras for high-performance edge computing in artificial intelligence (AI) and intense image-processing applications.

The three silver awards center around recent industry advancements to meet the needs of today’s embedded designers. Adhering to the industry’s latest cooling standard, the VITA 48.4 liquid flow-through (LFT) rugged ATR platform more effectively cools circuit boards and electronic components and the backplane can handle 300 Watts per slot.

The 25G SI Probe Card for OpenVPX backplane testing enhances the ability to characterize challenging OpenVPX backplane channels up to 25 Gbps data rates (100GBASE-KR4) and PCIe Gen 4 data rates by utilizing the functionality now found in connector technology upgrades.

The modular, easily configured ComSys 5371 is a rugged platform based on Type 7 COM Express that ensures flexible processor options from different vendors and Elma’s unique, custom I/O panel for a cable-less, internal construction.

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