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General Atomics keeps pushing space business with acquisition of Tiger Innovations says GlobalData

Following the news that General Atomics has completed its acquisition of Tiger Innovations; Sai Kiran, Defense Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view: “General Atomics’ recent developments have been focused on diversifying its space explorations and small satellites business. The acquisition of Tiger Innovations will further help General Atomics to diversify its product offering in spacecraft avionics and CubeSats market.

GlobalData anticipates that CubeStats, along with new launch capabilities and anti-satellite weapons (ASAT), will drive the market for space systems in the aerospace and defense sector. Global defense forces will benefit from the commercialization of space defense systems in terms of cost and improved capabilities.

“Tiger Innovations has been focusing on addressing size, weight and power consumption (SWaP) requirements of space vehicles. This will complement General Atomics expertise in the deep space exploration and space navigation, for which the company has received a contract from National Aeronautics and Space Administration in October 2020.

“This acquisition will also help General Atomics in diversifying its customer base within the US, since Tiger Innovations has already been serving the US Department of Defense, government agencies and some research institutes for space solutions. Tiger Innovation’s expertise in space avionics will complement General Atomics in-house expertise in realizing synergies and raising its bottom line.

“Additionally, President Biden has announced his focus on tightening the ‘Buy American Act’ for all the upcoming federal contracts to promote domestic industry in the coming years, which will further help General Atomics to access more opportunities in the space market.”

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