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Paradigm’s SWARMGX VSAT now available in Japan via JSAT mobile

Paradigm, together with JSAT MOBILE and Inmarsat, is pleased to announce that the ultra-portable and compact SWARMGX VSAT is now available in Japan through JSAT MOBILE on the Inmarsat Global Xpress satellite network. Inmarsat, the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications provides fast and cost effective high throughput data services for GX Land based services such as G2X Land.

JSAT MOBILE has a number of customer engagements and events scheduled already for the SWARM and is really excited about the opportunities the low SWaP terminal will create for their customers, particularly in the media and government sectors.

The lightweight yet rugged SWARM supports the need for rapid transport and setup. It is IATA compliant and can be easily transported in a hand carry case or backpack. Powered by the PIM®, pointing is quick and simple and terminal performance is optimised; it can be setup in under 90 secs and operational in 240 secs.

The SWARM already has an impressive track record on Global Xpress.

- The United Nations and other NGOs use it to provide vital communications channels to aid agencies following natural disasters;

- The US government executive communication teams use it for its portability and high bandwidth;

- Other SWARM users include the Canadian Military and the RAF in the UK.

The terminal’s PIM controller provides a simple to use interface for the integrated modem, baseband switching, assisted pointing and setup functions of the SWARM and comes with a built-in visual crosshair and audio pointing device. The PIM can support Power over Ethernet devices and provides a multitude of services to the end user - from VLAN setup and management to smart auto-selecting of AC and DC power interfaces.

Paradigm’s PIM is at the heart of modern satellite terminal operation, designed to simplify operation, reduce operating costs and provide a central unit for the integration and operation of satellite terminal hardware. It is the reason Paradigm terminals are ideally suited for Inmarsat’s Global Xpress network. As well as making pointing simple for any user, PIM-based terminals all have excellent SWaP characteristics and operational agility providing key connectivity for edge devices.

Ulf Sandberg, Managing Director at Paradigm stated: “the SWARM is a world-leading rugged, carry-on terminal and it’s fantastic that it will now be bringing high speed communications to users in Japan. We acknowledge JSAT’s time and commitment in making this happen.”

Mr. Katsuaki Koike, CEO of JSAT MOBILE commented: “We are delighted to work with our partners Paradigm and Inmarsat to launch the new SWARM GX terminal in Japan. We are confident that this product will meet the needs of our customers that require a portable, high speed terminal, especially in the Japanese Government sector.”

Justin Hobbs, Vice President Sales, Inmarsat Global Government added: “Communications certainty has never been more important for customers who rely on global, seamless coverage and ease of use as delivered by Global Xpress. The availability of the SWARM terminal through JSAT Mobile Communications for use on Inmarsat’s Global Xpress network is an exciting step forward in terminal SWaP and ease of set-up, providing a great experience for users with the most demanding Comms-On-The-Pause requirements.”