Senop presents it’s capabilities as an enabler of advanced situational awareness

Senop presents it’s capabilities as an enabler of advanced situational awareness

Senop, a part of Patria Group, will showcase its latest innovations for increased mobility, performance and situational awareness at the DSEI 2019 exhibition in London on September 10-13.


Senop is a forerunner in situational awareness by providing advanced sensor solutions and system platforms. Traditionally OEM’s have manufactured standalone based sensors with limited capability of information sharing. Senop takes it to the next level by providing a network of different kinds of sensors. The devices and systems that are part of the said network can share versatile information with each other by using either wireless or wired network. The network can consist of different kinds of sensors like NVGs, intelligent weapon sights, observation and surveillance systems, UAVs equipped with hyperspectral cameras.


As an example, Senop OSCU, a new passive outdoor surveillance system, can share classified pattern recognition information via images and live video stream to a command post or other sensors that are part of the network. The information can be autonomically pre-analysed by the sensor.


The advanced information and situational awareness sharing are supported in all Senop products like NVGs, intelligent weapon sights, observation and target acquisition systems. The sensor devices can also be connected to different C2 systems.


Senop focuses on high-end technologies and aims to respond comprehensively to all customer needs. Situational awareness is subject to human limitations and information overload. By using automated processes and machine learning we can make the invisible visible, says Aki Korhonen, CEO at Senop.


The response to the challenges of the modern battlefield

In modern warfare information is the crucial factor in winning. In addition to traditional elements, the future battlefield will include factors that make it multi-dimensional, rapidly changing and unpredictable, and as a result of this, more technical. 


Accurate and realtime situational awareness information is a key element to achieve an advantage on the future battlefield. Senop’s sensor systems can be used to realise reconnaissance and surveillance in joint operations and provide simultaneous, comprehensive, accurate data to military personnel for decision making and rapid response says Jaakko Oivanen, Head of Sales & Marketing at Senop.


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